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The Helper Arts, Music and Film Festival prides itself on inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility.  We expect all participants to respect these values and understand their importance not only to the Festival, but the community of Helper as well.  As our mission statement proudly reflects, we believe the arts should be available to all, regardless of economic position, social standing, ethnicity or those with disabilities.  To that end, the Helper Arts, Music and Film Festival would like to define these terms and how we will support them. 


Inclusion – welcoming all diverse participants of the Festival and ensuring an intentional, ongoing effort to encourage diverse individuals in the organizational work of the Festival.

Diversity – Understanding in all ways people are different and ensuring multiple perspectives are represented.

Equity – a commitment to be fair and respect all of our differences while achieving the objectives of the Festival. 

Accessibility – to provide equitable access to the Festival to everyone along with their unique human ability and experience. 


Helper Arts, Music and Film Festival does not charge for attendance, allowing all to experience the arts free.  This provides an opportunity to experience art and music performances at no charge - inclusion being the key.  The Festival also allows for diversity in art products, allowing multiple perspectives to be presented and explored by patrons.  Equity is a cornerstone – a desire to ensure all parties, vendors and patrons, have an equal opportunity to express creativity, assign meaning to art and enjoy it from all perspectives.  Accessibility is provided to allow for mobile device usage along historic Main Street and we are exploring other avenues of assisting other characteristics which may be presented as part of the human condition.  The Helper Arts, Music and Film Festival takes these values seriously and will continually work to build them into all aspects of our mission – we hope others will do the same and ensure respect for all.  

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